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About Us

Due to the rise in paranormal research, Grimstone Inc. was formed to help investigate legitimate claims in the supernatural. By using scientific methods and research equipment, Grimstone Inc. has been able to continually evaluate dozens of sites each year. With our Client Gateway and investigation management systems, no one responds faster with answers than Grimstone Inc.

We at Grimstone Inc. respect our clients, property, and the deceased. We offer confidential field investigations for homes and businesses and work fully with local law enforcement. We respect people's privacy as we try to offer them explanations for the paranormal events around them. To help insure clients' comfort, we can provide disclosure agreements upon request.

EMF Detection at the Bridge


Ghost Hunting Professionals

The members of Grimstone Inc. are not thrill seekers, nor trespassers. They are trained professionals who donate our time in pursuit to finding answers to otherwise unexplainable events. Grimstone Inc. is a not-for profit organization and there are no charges for our services. However if you would like to contribute to us, we recommend visiting our online store or contacting us via email. The small profits made from the store go to purchasing and maintaining equipment and travel expenses.

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