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FLIR Thermal Imaging
Vari-focal Infrared Cameras
Natural Electrical and Magnetic Field Detection
Natural Electrical and Magnetic Field Detection
Thermal Imagery Forensic Studies Real Time EVP Analysis


Grimstone Inc. focuses on the latest scientific practices and proven technology. Our Research and Analysis Department carefully tests and develops equipment methodology based on real world practices, before trying to to utilize it for paranormal research. For photography, staff became trained in basic photography, low-light photography, and optics, before applying our practices to spirit photography. We also coordinate with experts in each field to further advance our knowledge base. This allows us to maintain the quality and professionalism our clients have learned to expect from us. From real time computer analysis to electronic voice phenomenon to thermal imagery, Grimstone is there to help diagnose your issues. However, no amount of equipment can replace deductive logic and common sense. That is why our investigators are the best field instruments in our tool box.

We often include in our investigations; land surveys for proper documenting the occurrences, historical land or event tracing (true hauntings occur for a reason), and interviewing of witnesses. It is after all important to verify facts and show conclusive evidence of paranormal activity. It is not merely enough for Grimstone to record what is happening, but we work to unravel the mystery to why the events occur.

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