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Grimstone Inc Investigations

Grimstone Inc. performs dozens of investigations every year. These may include anything from site surveying to private home investigations. We work discreetly with home owners and businesses. We know that not everyone is pleased to learn they may have some unexplained force in their midst or in their neighborhood.

We now offer client gateway services which allow clients to instantly see investigation information online as it is being completed. You never have to wait for a report. The information can easily be reviewed or printed at your leisure. This is what one of our clients recently had to say about the service:

  "Thank you for following up! The report was fantastic! We are so impressed with your company. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I know there are several of us who will be breathing a little easier when we are in the house! I have forwarded the report to our 30 plus GP board members. Thank you again..."

Historically yours,
Suzy Berschback
Grosse Pointe Historical Society

If you wish us to investigate a home, residence, place of business, or other location, please feel free to fill out a request or email us directly. We will contact you as promptly as possible. Here is some of the things we can do during an investigation:

Smudging a site
Video recording with a full spectrum
Bones found at site
Top of the line video surveillance
Specialized audio equipment looks for EVP A variety of electromagnetic field detectors

Background History Searches:

With a client's permission, we will research the site history and that of the local area to get a better understanding of what may be causing the phenomena. This can include past deed searches, reviewing of lot surveys, and periodical indexing.

In addition, Grimstone has worked with Fire Departments and Law Enforcement to gain a better understanding of tragedies that occurred at sites. Our strong relationships with historical and preservation societies enable us to efficiently develop site abstracts. We have worked alongside clergy on sensitive paranormal matters. We hope you consider us with your paranormal needs.

Video Surveillance:

Grimstone Inc. has a large range of video equipment at its disposal to monitor and record unexplained phenomena. This includes everything from 35mm cameras with high speed film to wireless transmitting video cameras, from digital cameras to motion activated video cameras. Our trained staff can photograph and record in normal light, infrared, and even ultra-violet. In addition, all film footage or still photography taken is reviewed and examined afterwards, often using some of Grimstone's graphic enhancing software to better determine if you have a spook or if the neighbor's cat is sneaking into your garage at night.

With the use of our digital multiplexers, we can monitor a site efficiently and effectively; recording as many as 16 locations at once, even remotely. This often provides results where a single investigator with a camera could not.

EVP & Audio Analysis:

Grimstone Inc. often records audio of a site to help determine if a claim is a legitimate manifestation. Often recordings of a site have sounds or voices not originally detected by an investigator, but is heard on the audio tape. This anomaly is referred to Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP. Not only can EVP be heard in normal human voice frequencies, but using audio correction software it can sometimes be heard in the ultra low frequencies.

Audio analysis does not only look for a paranormal explanation to events, but also can help find more natural reasons for hauntings. For example by reviewing audio recordings, it was noticed that the mysterious creeks of a house occurred after traffic noise passed in the background each time. This suggests that the creeks were due to ground vibrations.

EMF and Electric Diagnostics:

Using EMF detectors, Geiger counters, Multimeters, and other electric hardware, Grimstone Inc. members can detect a variety of energy based changes in the surroundings. These can help determine everything from unusual magnetic fields to faulty wiring at a site.