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  If you have a paranormal claim and/or wish a Grimstone investigator to contact you, please feel free to fill out the form below. We focus our investigations on places within our area. However depending on the circumstances, traveling further abroad is possible. Please be as complete and detailed as possible. We appreciate all reports and leads to areas of paranormal activity. Thank you for your patronage.

Grimstone Inc. is a not-for profit organization. Contact us with the form below for a free complimentary site investigation.

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Please give an accurate account of the sighting in the area below. Be as detailed as possible. If a physical manifestation was spotted, include such information as shape, size, features, transparency/opacity, speed, distance traveled, and characteristics. Also include whether the sighting was indoors or outdoors and the weather at the time of observation. Be descriptive in the identification of the sighting area, including landmarks, objects present, etc., if applicable. Please also feel free to include feelings or sensations that occurred during the period of observation.

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